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Tips to Sell Your Home

Are you looking to sell your home without a middle man?

The omission of a middle man is perfectly justifiable if you can manage to sell your house without enlisting his help. You save a tremendous amount of money if you do not have to pay your real estate agent his commissions for getting you buyers for your house.

Moreover, by doing so, that is, removing the middle man, you can also afford to lower the price you have quoted for your house, leading to the much faster selling of the home.

However, without the help of a real estate agent in selling your house, you will need to do more work. Such work for the agent is part of his daily routine as he has to encounter such formalities with every project he gets.

Though it may be new, it is not impossible to accomplish for you. Below are a few tips to help you to sell your home.

Staging of House: Is your house presentable?

The first thing an agent will do when you hire him is to see your house for himself. He will need to know whether your home is in a presentable condition. Then he will tell you what things need fixing and altering. He may even consult a staging professional at this stage.

staged home

Therefore, this is the first thing you must find out for yourself. Is your house in a presentable condition? The following are the areas you need to look out for:

  • Floors and ceiling: make sure no cracks
  • Bathroom and kitchen fittings: no malfunction appliances
  • Lighting and ventilation: all working
  • Doors and windows
  • Paint, both on the inside and outside
  • Drainage system around the house
  • Condition of driveway and walkway

Cosmetic Improvement

good lighting

You can alter the design of your house a bit by repainting the wall, redoing the furniture and optimizing the living area. You will have to keep the latest trends in mind while doing so. Taking the help of a staging professional can also help here. You can make your house look inviting. As a result, it may look impressive. You can decorate it with proper lighting and plants, etc. basically, you need to make sure all the furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and equipment, etc., are all in good condition.

Target Buyers

target buyer

You need to know the kind of people moving into your house. You need to analyze what kind of people will prefer a home in the locality you are now living in. You can take the example of the neighbours that have just moved in. though people differ, some traits remain the same. Knowing your target customers will help a great deal in staging your house.

Buyers’ Needs

People are very picky about the kind of house they prefer, and they are not wrong in thinking so. Though you cannot guess each of those minor details, you can satisfy some of their broader concerns which may pertain to the security of the neighbourhood, connectivity (with the marketplace, their workplace, their children’s school, etc.), and comfort.


pricing the house at appropriate price

At all costs, keep the pricing very realistic. There is no point just thinking about your profit because quoting such a high price would mean that your house does not get sold quickly. Have a good idea about the current real estate market condition and quote your price accordingly. Also, decide how you would like to attract buyers and what kind of advertisement you would like to place and where. Negotiate the price and terms of purchase and sale very carefully. It would help if you were extra careful while doing so, mainly because you are not enlisting the services of a real estate agent for whom these clauses are pretty standard.

Legal Aid

Never refrain from seeking legal aid when in doubt. There are very complex land and property-related issues that you might not be familiar with. You do not want to get caught unawares if something untoward happens. Instead, it is always better to hire a lawyer, even if it means you will have to pay him a portion of your profits earned as fees.


sell home

You should always consider selling your home yourself because it’s cheaper and can make more money. By doing some homework, it is possible to sell your home yourself.


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