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4 Ways to Save Money on Home Insulation for Green Living

Home insulation is a critical component of green living. It saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, while also producing a healthier indoor environment.

The benefits of home insulation have been well documented in research and practice for decades. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce a household’s carbon footprint while saving money on heating and cooling bills.

Best Type of Green Insulation – What are They?

There are various alternatives to fibreglass insulation. Some of them include the following:

  • Wool Insulation – This provides an option that is renewable and natural. Even if wool is flame defiant naturally, it is subject to insect destruction. Thus, the insulation is often treated with boron to dissuade insects.
  • Cellulose Insulation – Cellulose insulation is usually made from 80% recycled newspaper, and the chemicals that grasp it together never use formaldehyde. Compared to other alternatives, cellulose insulation is more affordable. Therefore, this can be your best option.
  • Recycled Denim – Most people may not immediately consider this option. However, walls and attic spaces are often insulated using recycled denim.
  • HempFlax Insulation -These are made from natural hemp fibres with a few polyester fibres for strengthening. They are also available in various thicknesses for insulating walls, floors and roofs.

When comparing green insulation objects, it is essential to study the R-value of every option. This is a measurement of the resistance of heat flow. Every material is rated from R-1 up to R-60, and the higher values are considered the most proficient.

Green Insulation Tips – Your Way to Save Money

There are various ways on how to remodel your home with renewable materials. Materials like accessories and furniture can give you an environmentally-friendly home.

An environmentally friendly home uses very few not-reused items. Green materials like bamboo, cork and eucalyptus are primarily used today in home design because they are earth-friendly. There are a few ways to save money to become environmentally friendly and get the full benefits of green insulation:

Install Solar Panels

solar panel for green home

You can get solar panelling from various retail stores. Most shops offer lengthy warranty service. These solar panels may cost expensive at first. But, they have lots of savings after several uses. They utilize the power of sunlight to provide needed energy for your home.

Double Paned Windows

double paned window for home insulation

You should make sure that your windows are double-paned. Even if you have an old house, you can consider wood replacement windows. Depending on your choice, you are free to find vinyl windows clad in wood for an older style but with an efficient type.

Savings on Energy Bill

foam roof insulation

By using foam roof insulation, you can save on the energy bill. Foam roof insulation is created from polyurethane foam. It starts in liquid form, dries and turns into a single membrane. Then, it covers your roof.

Use Spray Insulation Kits

spray insulation

Various green home building projects use spray insulation kits. They often replace fibreglass in new constructions and renovation. They are also easy to use, safe and non-toxic.


By putting the above tips into work, you can save money and energy. Cheers to green living!

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